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Published on 8 November 2017

Since the 2010s, the construction sector in Morocco is growing. It can be considered one of the most dynamic segments of the country and contributes significantly to the strengthening of the national economy. Construction companies are highly concentrated around the two economic and administrative centers of the country, Rabat and Casablanca. The construction sector also contributes significantly to economic growth and the attraction of foreign capital. Major projects have been initiated since the early 2000s : Tramway (Rabat and Casablanca), Tangier Med port terminal, TGV line and airport infrastructure development … This dynamic should intensify in the coming years.


The highest tower in Africa planned in Morocco in 2020

Morocco should welcome in three years a tower of proportions never seen in Africa. Launched in March 2016 in the presence of King Mohammed VI, the project, whose cost is estimated at around 315 million euros, seems indeed to materialize in recent months. The 250-meter tall building with luxurious hotels, offices and apartments is set to open in 2020. It will be built by China’s China Railway Construction Corporation International (CRCCI) and Morocco’s TGCC. A highly symbolic project for China, which further strengthens its presence on the continent.


Morocco prepares to reaffirm its leadership position as a luxury destination in Africa

With the opening of 22 hotels and hotel parks in 2017; 3,171 additional rooms and five-star suites will be available and more than 10 million visitors will be expected each year.

Olivier Granet, CEO of Accor Hotels Middle East and Africa has announced the opening of a Fairmont hotel in Morocco. The group already has 37 hotels in the country and wants to expand the number of hotels to 200. For its part, the Hilton Garden Inn Group aims to build a new hotel in Casablanca in 2018. This project should be carried out in cooperation with the Sadiki group.


New stations under construction in Kenitra, Rabat, Tangier and Meknes

The construction of the Kenitra LGV station represents a total cost of 400 MDH for a surface of 13.000m2, including a mezzanine with an administrative space. 22.000 m2 will be converted outdoors and the passenger capacity will be 25 million people per year. The completion of the work is scheduled for June 2018.

The Rabat Agdal project represents a budget of 600 MDH with the creation of 500 jobs. Note also the project of Meknes and Tangier, managed by architect Youssef Melehi for 320 million MDH. This new station is attached to the old.


Casablanca wants to become a Smart City

The country aspires to become a reference in terms of smart city in Africa. The share of the population living in the city is currently 50% and could represent 70% in 2050. The challenge of intelligent urban development is therefore major. Casablanca aims to become the first African city to become part of the network of 25 smart cities selected (IEEE, professional association of digital), including the improvement of open data.


A new green city, Mohammed VI Benguerir

This project has a strategic dimension, integrating the royal vision of the promotion and quality of higher education according to world standards. This new university-oriented city integrates a future-oriented urban center with the construction of 4 km of cordon to connect the green city to Benguerir. More than 50.000 trees will be planted and in the heart of the Green City, we will find the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, a true center of excellence. Nearly 1.5 billion MDH will be invested over 5 years for the installation of modern equipment.


The Mohammed VI Tanger Tech City

This 2000-hectare industrial park will be built by Haite Group (Chinese group) to develop the e-commerce, telecommunications and renewable energy sectors.

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Author : Julien Lutz