Fabien Schmitt


My personal life and my training led me very young to live across Europe, from Cordoba to Zurich and then London. In my first professional experience, my multicultural profile led me to be propelled as Export Manager at 27 years. I discovered that being polyglot and motivated was not necessarily enough.

From failures to success, I built my experience. It is precisely this one that I want to share with you to develop your ambitions for export. I will not have ready-made solutions or magical remedies to propose to you, each project having to find its own way. Let’s take this road together to export!


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Business development

Geographical area

  • France
  • UK
  • Scandinavia


Strasbourg, France




Professional experience

Export Manager, Technical-Salesman Export

Business sector

Construction, industry


Master in International Management and Marketing (CCI Strasbourg)


French, English, Spanish, German