Alain Philipps

In 1991, at a time when Internet was just born, I hit the road and created the export department in the company I was working in. Because my mother was german, Goethe’s language was quite familiar to me, so I naturally first tackled the german market. From market survey to market research including on site sale, I eventually set up a subsidiary in the country.

I kept on canvassing the Swiss, Italian and East-European markets. It was like a second skin for me, which taught me several things: avoid preconceived ideas, listen to people in order to understand the different ways of considering the same thing and increase my knowledge of other cultures. Thanks to cognitive empathy, adapt and find together the best way to develop customers’ projects.


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Business development

Geographical area

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria


Belfort, France

Professional experience

Export Manager

Business sector

Construction, Industry


Bachelor's degree in Business Development


French, German, Italian